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Hong Kong Holidays

Situated in the shadow of volcanically formed lush green hills and mountains, and sat next to the southern coast of the South China Sea, Hong Kong is a city that is modern, forward-thinking, and ever efficient, yet it still manages to maintain wonderful surprising corners of peace and relaxation. Getting around is easy and safe on the city's award-winning transport network and the shopping is truly sublime. Outside of the city centre there are many great opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and other outdoor sport in the surrounding mountains and hills.


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Visa Requirements
A tourist visa must be obtained in advance. 


Subtropical with four distinct seasons. Spring is humid with cool evenings while summer is hot, humid and very sunny. Autumn is the ideal season to visit as temperatures are still quite warm but matched with cool pleasant breezes. Winter is cold, dry and cloudy with cooler temperatures.

Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken by the majority of the population. English is also spoken by some. Other dialects of Chinese are also spoken.

The Chinese Yuan is the local currency.

Hong Kong Holidays

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