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Top Things to See in Europe

Top Things to See in Europe

Paris: The city of light is everything people say it is. You’ll never be able to see the city in just one visit. There’s so much to do in the city it would take years. But you can get a good idea of the city over a few days.

Amsterdam: There’s more to the city than just coffeeshops and red lights. Make sure to visit the museums and the canals but get out of the center into the Jordaan and Oost for a local a less touristy city.

Greek Islands: These islands are the mecca of summer beach fun in Europe. The island of Ios is the center of the party but you’ll find all the islands filled with lots of people, beautiful beaches, great weather, and great food. Besides Ios, Paros is my favorite.

Barcelona: Barcelona is Europe’s festive city. The city goes 24 hours a day and could give NYC a run for the “city that never sleeps” title. Be prepared for late night dinners and til dawn parties. Barcelona knows how to get down. Make sure you have some delicious seafood by the beach for a taste of the local cuisine.

London: Get a taste of English culture in diverse London. The museums here are some of the best in the world (and free), there is a lot of history here, and the pub culture is wonderful. Head to Brick Lane for some amazing Sunday food markets.

Berlin: Europe’s nightlife capital, hip and trendy Berlin is a energetic destination. You can learn a lot about WW2 here and while the city is very bland looking, its energy more than makes up for it.

Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a must for anyone going through Germany at the end of September. There’s people from all over the world, lots of beer, excitement, music, and fun.

Prague: Old Europe Prague is a beautiful city with amazing history. It’s a cheap destination and during the weekends heaves with people enjoying the night.

Interlaken: Located in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, relax here with some good spots, hot chocolate, and beer. This is a popular party destination for backpackers and other young travelers.

Rome: This thriving historical city has amazing food, tiny little streets to wander through, a history buff’s dream, and a great nightlife. Visit the Trastevre area for a taste of “local” Rome and chill bars. It’s my favorite area in the city.

Cinque Terre. This is my favorite part of Italy. These five beautiful cliff side towns are perched near warm waters and beautiful olive and grape groves. You’ll find some wondrous and strenuous hikes in these hills. For a real challenge, take trail #8.

French Riviera: Have fun in the sun, hob nob with the rich and famous and sail (or gaze at) gigantic yachts.

Krakow: This up and coming Polish city is too beautiful. The city looks like it stepped out of a medieval post card. It also has a very nice coffeeshop culture and has some of the best nightlife in Eastern Europe. It’s a hip, trendy, and youthful city to relax in.

Cornwall: The best part of England is outside London and unfortunately not a lot of people leave London. Head west to the are of Cornwall for cheaper prices, friendlier locals, more natural beauty, great hiking, small towns, and overall what you think of “traditional England.”

The Swiss Alps: Whether you go skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, the Alps hold some of the most breathtaking views in all of Europe. In fact, whether Italy, France, or Switzerland, all the alps are great!