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Things to do in Maldives

Things to do in Maldives

Live an unfound life! Marry, romance and laze around- move beyond the traditional things to sneak through a boring lifestyle. That’s why you take a break away from the monotony of routine life! We know we are absolutely right and, therefore, work constantly to place you right amidst some live action.

Scuba Diving
This is much more adventure and fun in reality than it sounds. Take a look at the transparent water to ogle at the colourful underwater marine life. With more than a thousand species of fish and water creatures to intrigue you with their fascinating moves, you are never short of thoughts. At Maldives, you can touch, feel and be a part of the splashy corals, fishes and rays, each as swift as a water-plane. Watch them glide freely in the water, or disperse a group of cute small colourful fishes with your intrusion. And if you thought you cannot dive in to be a part of the amazing water world because you cannot swim, Maldives Live insinuates that you need not be a professional diver to cruise in the Maldivian waters. The resorts and safari boats equip you with requisite training and latest equipment to be as comfortable with scuba-diving as a dolphin in the sea- all the more reasons for you to be here!

Explore the enigmatic underwater world now and discover a world more beautiful than you had imagined in your dreams.

Water Sports
Surf the way the Maldivians do. And every resort in Maldives helps you do that with gaiety. With a sports center available at almost every resort, you can surf on the waves that are highly conducive for surfing. Pick up your surf boards and costume and you are all set for a roller-coaster ride on ocean waves two to eight meters high.

With a range of adventurous activities to enjoy, Maldives gives you an extra dose of fun with some unique excursions. Go out on Island Hopping and Night fishing and enjoy a blessed time in the balmy climate.

Island Hopping
Do deserted but beautiful islands appeal to you? They do to many and, hence, most resorts in Maldives arrange for you excursions to different deserted islands by the ocean. Enjoy the trip across the huge ocean and relish delicacies grilled on the quite island. Imagine the delight of having the privacy of being on a lonely planet with your partner- lusciously appealing!

Night Fishing
One of the most sought-after activities that visitors go for. You are led to the middle of the water body among an assortment of colourful water creatures to try your luck with fishing. Plunge your bait in the warm water and await your catch. Barracudas, Emperors, Snappers and the most exquisite species of fishes heighten the excitement of moments even more when you wait with held breath for your catch.

With every colour that Maldives brings to your life, here is a splendid offering from Maldives Live. We take you to the abode of visual aesthetics, protected culture and adventure. The plush water bungalows and villas let you peep into the exquisite marine life from the comfort of your beautiful room. Terraces that extend from your suite let you envisage the beauty of the sprawling turquoise blue sea and the vast sky under the sun or stars, all while you hold your partner’s hand with an assurance that you’ll make his/ her life just as beautiful. Fabricate the finest moments to celebrate and remember for life. At Maldives, you have the privilege to plan your trip your way, and the hotels, resorts and safaris assure you motivating support in every way possible.

The abode of natural marvels awaits your arrival with bated breath. Come; find another dimension to evolution at the confluence of nature’s blessings and human excellence.